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Right Face

This little web project served a minor niche from July 01, 1998 until December of 2003.  My political views have matured and developed but remain essentially unchanged.  In 2003 I began a more aggressive online project with several of my old college buddies.  This was the same group that began the Southern and Scottish Historical and Genealogical Society (SSHGS).  Our project accomplished our initial goals.  We reached out and made contact with like minded freedom-loving, conservative Southerners.  Our work with Southernnationalist effectively ended in the spring of 2006.  Many other sites do what Southernnationalist did.  Our original goal was to reach a few that might help us do more.  We accomplished that.

I began blogging in 2003 as well.  My blogging efforts were hampered at times by distractions such as a deployment with the Army to Iraq.  I continue my blogging efforts at Southern Loyalist along with a growing group of conservative Southern bloggers in the Rebel Alliance.

With the success of Southernnationalist and the new contacts our original little group made we each set out to work toward our common goals in our own way.  I began a new work called the American Secession Project.  My goal was to show the commonality between various groups working for local autonomy across the US and the world.  Two great tangible benefits arose from that work.  First, I was able to compile the work of several learned folks into a collection of papers called Secessionist Papers, akin to the Federalist Papers but obviously touting the benefits of disunion. Second, I made contact with three groups, the Hawaii Independence movement, The Middlebury Institute and Christian Exodus.

All of my personal work on the web is now focused squarely on two goals. 1) the proclamation that leviathan is coming and must be resisted and 2) the support of Christian Exodus and the South Carolina League of the South in this efforts to restore South Carolina to freedom.

El Cid

Last revised: July 03, 2006.