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Southern and Scottish Historical and Genealogy Society


Click to hear Scotland The Brave, The Scottish Anthem

Click to hear Dixie, the Southern Anthem

Welcome, we are glad that you stopped by. The Southern and Scottish Historical and Genealogical Society (SSHGS), formerly the Southern Historical Society, was formed in 1989 as a "think-tank" and forum for students of history. We embrace professional, amateur and hobbyist among our membership.

The purpose of the Society is to explore and discuss the events of history, and to educate the general public. The primary focus of the organization was originally on Scottish and Southern history. Primarily this is still the case. The Celtic peoples have dispersed to almost all areas of the globe. With this dispersion our histories have become intertwined with other people. We seek to tell the story of the "brave Scots". Throughout history they have fought to remain free wherever they settled.

The South was blessed in abundance with a rich Scottish lineage, The culture of the South is heavily influenced even still today by our Scottish ancestors. The playing of the pipes and of the highland games is a tradition many Southerners still cling to. It is not the "Yankee work ethic" of the English Puritans that made America great, rather it is the love of liberty and the commitment to die free rather than live a slave Southerners inherited from the Scots that makes us great.

The Scots that settled in the South brought with them an indomitable spirit. As a people they had been oppressed and invaded for hundreds of years by the English yet the desire to be free lived on. During The Revolutionary War Scottish descendants significantly aided in the first major American victory in the South at King's Mountain. With one oppressor thrown off a new one arose 78 years later. The people of the South and of Scotland are forever joined together. Many of us are joined by blood, the rest by a common struggle. Join us in learning about this great people.

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The midi files for Dixie and the 3rd National Flag came from Dixienet

The background came from the Scottish Highland Society

Scotland The Brave is courtesy of Barry Taylor

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